SL-WEEK 7 : Night


Pour cette semaine 7 j’ai choisi un thème que je ne pratique pratiquement jamais, la photo de nuit… Pratiquement jamais car là où j’habite l’atmosphère est tellement polluée niveau lumière qu’il est quasiment impossible de faire une belle photo de nuit étoilée voir de voie lactée… Alors j’ai baissé les bras, peut être un peu vite je dois le confesser… Mais du côté de Sisteron dans les Alpes de Haute provence, j’ai enfin réussi une photo qui me plaisait. Je vous la dépose ici même pour cette semaine 7
For this week #7 I chose a theme that I almost never practice : night photography … Hardly ever since where I live the atmosphere is so polluted level light it is virtually impossible to make a beautiful photo starry night or Milky Way … So I gave up, may be a little faster I must confess … But on the side of Sisteron in the Alpes de Haute provence, I finally got a photo I liked. I am removing you here for this week 7

WinnerSylvain LANDRY

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  1. KG dit :

    Beautiful 🙂

    1. Thanks hope you join the challenge

      1. KG dit :

        Yes, I did and I added my link too 🙂

        1. Great i just see That very Nice shot

  2. viveka dit :

    Sylvain, this magic. You’re very talent … fantastic work. There is so many photos with the Milky Way, excellent and less excellent … this is far more interesting.

    1. Thank you you’re kind

      1. viveka dit :

        And you’re good photographer!*smile

  3. Lena dit :

    Really fantastic night photo you got here Sylvain!

  4. Anita dit :

    That looks so magical, Sylvain!

  5. There you go – blog post with picture for your challenge freshly pressed 🙂 Thank you so much for the invite, I’m anxious to see what the next theme will be. BTW – when do your challenges kick of, what day of the week?

    1. my challenges are on mondays. A week for a month and then we can vote for our top five… Hope you like that… and of course you’re welcome !

      1. Sounds great to me 🙂 !!! I’ll be looking out for the next one then 🙂 Thank you!!!

        1. you can do the previous if you want participate to the vote…

          1. …OK 🙂 Funny enough I photographed a motorbike just yesterday 😉 I would have had another nice shot of an old Vespa but that’s already featured on a Wordless Wednesday… So give me a few minutes 😉 … Thanks 😀

  6. Leya dit :

    Fantastic shot!

  7. jswunxin dit :

    That’s a really captivating photograph! I haven’t seen so many stars in a long time. Thank you for the challenge and for visiting my site 🙂

  8. Thanks Sylvain for the follow.
    I want to put one Pic of colours in the water in my ‘Nature sprinkles Colours’ Post.
    If you can lend me one nice Pic, I shall be grateful.
    I would be mentioning your name on the Pic published.

    1. no problem you can use one of them

  9. Debbie L dit :

    Fabulous photos! I only use my iPhone and the survivor case messes with the flash….

    1. Maybe you can shoot something different

      1. Debbie L dit :

        Ok. We love the mountains. Going there in a few days.

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