SL-WEEK 1 : Moi


C’est la première fois que je tente de lancer une rencontre de thème, afin que chacun, passionnés de photo, puisse s’exprimer sur des expressions iconographiques différentes… Mais alors que choisir comme thème ? Alors je me suis dit que pour cette première semaine ce serait bien de se présenter soi même, avec un bon thème égocentrique où l’on pourra se mettre en valeur ou tout à fait l’inverse… Ce sera à vous de voir ! C’est un essai, si cela vous plaît, je persisterai dans ce sens.

This is the first time I try to launch a theme of meeting, so that each photo enthusiast we can express ourselves in different iconographic expressions … But while choosing the theme? So I told myself that for the first week would be good to present itself with a good theme egocentric where you will be able to develop or quite the opposite … It will be up to you! This is a test, if you like, I will persist in this direction…

and the winner is : ME

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  1. viveka dit :

    Hi there, thanks for the invited ….. this topic is going to be very tricky for me … because I hate selfies I think I only have one. So I will be back with the link.

    Thanks for starting up a new challenge. Good luck to us all.

    I like you entry very much – excellent shot. And of course the Canon adds to the image.*smile

    1. You can shoot something different And not a selfie

      1. viveka dit :

        Sylvian – here is my entry … and good luck with the challenge. You have my support.

        1. thank you
          You can use the button it's ok for me everything work fine
          enjoy the challenge we can vote next month

      2. viveka dit :

        Thanks … I'm in the game now.

        1. can you use the button add your link just close to the photo to add your post ?

      1. viveka dit :

        Thank you … done my voting. *smile

        1. hope you find this challenge funny

          1. viveka dit :

            Yes, I enjoy it very much … but I travel a lot and I don’t always have my netbook with me .. so I miss some weeks. It seems like it has got a fantastic start …. Congratulations.

  2. I'll see if I can join during the weekend. Packed program these days.

    1. Yes of course i hope you Will

  3. Gilles dit :

    Voici mon lien,

    J'espère etre capable de suivre le rythme…..

    1. Tu peux ajouter avec le bouton add your link

      1. Gilles dit :

        Désolé j'ai fait un add mais ca ne donne pas la photo. Je vais me reprendre….

  4. Gilles dit :

    Bon, je viens de voir qu'il y avait une selection d'une photo à faire. Malheureusement le ADD ne me permet pas de le modifier ou d'en ajouter. C'est toi qui a le contrôle je supposes..

    1. je vais enlever ton lien et tu pourras le refaire

  5. Thank you for the invitation! I will have to think about this one. I don’t think in terms of self-definition when I am behind the camera. Let me see what I can come up with!!

    1. Ok i M in a hurry to see

  6. KG dit :

    I will try this tomorrow. I hate selfies, but would love to do a different one I have been thinking about recently. Will update it once I am done with it. Thanks for the invite 🙂

  7. nice i\’m in a hurry

    1. KG dit :

      Done 🙂 and added the link too.

        1. KG dit :

          Did my voting done too 😀

  8. Un peu égocentrique comme thème non?

  9. Un peu égocentrique comme thème mon coeur ! Non?

  10. Merci à tous… Thanks you all

  11. berryduchess dit :

    😀 came here to represent! 😀 Merci Monsieur 🙂

  12. Looking forward to your challenges! Sorry to be a bit late with this one.

    1. Take your time be great

  13. restlessjo dit :

    You have some great responses, Sylvain. I think you’ll have fun with this 🙂

  14. Anita dit :

    Looks like I missed week 1, Sylvain! (I don’t like selfies much anyway…) I’ll do something for week 2, though.

  15. Every photo a visual spectacle. Takes us to a moment of awe and brings us close to places like we were there ourselves.

  16. Lena dit :

    I must have missed out something here, if I would like to vote how do I do it? I don’t get it!

    1. Lena dit :

      I figured it out, sorry!

    2. Click on the hearts at the top right

  17. Very nice… I’m in!!! Let me root for a night picture 😀

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