Photo 101 Day Fourteen: Scale & Observation

Je ne pouvais pas mettre autre chose que ces photos là, ou le paparazzi court après lui même… Il y est bien question de taille et d’observation je crois…

I could not put anything other than the pictures there, or short paparazzi after himself … There is question of size and observation I think …




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  1. Well done! Really love what you did to the pictures.

  2. Uday dit :

    Interesting! How did you do this?

    1. just a secret… no lol
      I think I'm gonna make tutorial with this series cos a lot had to come

      it's just photoshop and time

      1. Uday dit :

        Oh I'd love to know that!

        1. i think i will do on summer

      2. Alexis dit :

        Amazing artistry … please do school us in the magic you created – remember there are lots of novices like me sitting at your feet (so keep it simple) LOL

  3. Trudy dit :

    Beautiful pictures and imaginative use of the theme!

  4. amii dit :

    This is awesome!!!

  5. Julia dit :

    Really interesting take on the assignment:)

    well done!

  6. desleyjane dit :

    Superb! Your work is truly amazing. I love these – the expression on your face(s) in these really make the photos perfect.

  7. sweetykannoth dit :

    Wow! These are all amazing…so artistic…and if that is you…you are a great actor too…perfect expressions…. Kudos !

  8. Jeremy dit :

    Brilliant and creative!

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