Muse : The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge

Moi ce qui m’inspire le plus ce sont les gens croisés au cours de mes voyages… Ils m’enchantent vraiment, et j’aime leur tirer le portrait… La photo, c’est le voyage, c’est aller vers l’autre…

What inspires me most are the people crossed during my travels … They really delight me, and I love draw their portrait … The photo, the journey is go to the other …

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    1. Him and his brother was sick, it was a hard day for emotion cas they've got big fever… every time i shoot this little boy said : "dans la boite" that means to say in the box a very old friend advertising for kodak

      i love this little boy, it was in 2003 and sometimes i wonder about him…

  1. Ah, c'est mieux maintenant. Je ne sais pas pq on m'a demande les info de facebook que je n'utilise pas. Les yeux des enfants – precieux. Excellents portraits!

  2. You capture people's inner self beautifully. Good call that it is the people we meet whilst we travel that truly makes the journey memorable. It's great to connect and I look forward to enjoying more from your blog.

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