SL-WEEK 6 : Moto


Cette Semaine le thème porte sur les motos, ou les scooters, enfin ces véhicules à deux roues qui pétaradent à tout va, qui circulent n’importe comment. Ces véhicules dangereux qui font tant de morts sur nos routes… En fait vous l’aurez compris j’ai horreur des deux roues… Je ne les aime pas c’est comme ça !… Par contre ils sont en général photogéniques…
This Week theme focuses on motorbikes or scooters, finally these two-wheeled vehicles that will backfire at all, circulating anyhow. These dangerous vehicles that so many deaths on our roads … In fact you will understand I hate two wheels … I do not like it like that! … By cons they are General photogenic …


sl-week award6 Semaine 6:





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  1. blackbonnie64 dit :

    Superbe photo! Qu’est que que ce serait si tu aimais les deux roues?

    1. This shot is the reason Why i like challenge… It’s a really good challenge… I like it so much

  2. cocoaevenings dit :

    Haha! So this is the theme that you mentioned you hate. But why? Pray tell. =)

    1. i hate motocycles… that’s all lol…

      1. cocoaevenings dit :

        Would you care to share a bit more why?

        1. I think it’s dangerous And so macho

          1. cocoaevenings dit :

            True. Motorbikes have a strange appeal that seem to stem from how dangerous it could be.

  3. snowsomewhere dit :

    Your style reminds me of the Amélie Poulain movie 🙂 I hope you don’t mind me saying so, it’s a compliment! It looks unreal and slightly dark somehow. Also kind of like the style in the movie Delicatessen… I’ll add an entry, too, I’m still choosing between two photos… A toute à l’heure!

  4. KG dit :

    Love the colors. I am yet to do this week’s. Will try and do it sooner !

  5. cocoaevenings dit :

    I have come back so many times to look at this photo of yours. I love the antique feel against the strong blue sky. Here is my entry for this week:

  6. Uday dit :

    What lens did you use? Is it fish eye? I like the framing a lot!

  7. viveka dit :

    Sylvain, you’re a very
    romantic soul .. because you find beauty everywhere, even in things you hate .. this is a very romantic photo.
    I been away travelling … for a change, but I think I’m a bit lost with this weeks topic.

  8. …Allright – there you go 🙂 Wohooo *brummbrumm*

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