SL-WEEK 4 : Weird Hollidays

weird Hollidays

Ha les vacances… Ce moment où on se moque pas mal de tout ce qui fait d’ordinaire notre quotidien, ces jours où l’on se voit sur la plage, dans les airs, perdus dans un pays que l’on ne connaît pas… Moi les vacances je les vois comme le moment privilégié pour prendre des photos dans des endroits totalements inconnus… Alors pour cette semaine j’aimerais voir des photos de vacances insolites ou différentes, comme celle que je vous propose avec ce fauteuil roulant sur la plage…
Ha holidays … This time we laugh a lot of what makes ordinary everyday life, those days when one sees oneself on the beach, in the air, lost in a country that can not not know … I vacation I see them as the ideal time to take photos in unknown places totalements … So for this week I would see pictures of unusual and different holidays, like the one I propose with this wheelchair on the beach …

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  1. Lena dit :

    Nooo! This was not a good theme for me. I’m note sure I can participate.

    1. I hope to see you next weeks

  2. Ava dit :

    Voilà, j’ai participé ! merci de l’invitation !

  3. brenda dit :

    can’t seem to find a photo that matches this week’s challenge, « weird Holldays »…looking forward to next week’s challenge.

    1. Maybe you can shoot something weird… Cos we’re on Hollidays

    1. Please add your photo to the post with add your link button… Great challenge

  4. viveka dit :

    Beautiful image, Sylvian!! That shows that we are only limited in our minds really.
    Wired holidays, had a couple of them – but I have never been able to capture any of them. But I give it a go.

    1. Thanks i think our mind bring us into jail sometime but not in this case that’s Why it’s weird we lost our freedom

      1. viveka dit :

        I know … I read somewhere a couple of years ago about a young woman that throw herself in front of train in London Underground, she lost both her legs and in an interview she said that her life had got a mean after the lost????!!! Talk about lost freedom in more than one way.

  5. snowsomewhere dit :

    Merci, Sylvain, j’aimerais bien participer! 🙂 Il faut que je pense un peu, mais á bientôt!

  6. snowsomewhere dit :

    Added my photo 🙂 This theme fitted well with what I published a couple of days ago. Next time I’ll do a whole new post for your challenge! Bon weekend!

    1. Please add your photo with the add your link button on the post

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